Kickstarting the month of July with the latest music festival; Splendour In The Grass - We interviewed one of our favourite festival designers; Jacqui Myer founder and designer at Coco Fields Boutique. Covering all things festival style, the do's and don'ts when heading to a festival and of course the inspiration behind all the glitz and glamour of Coco Fields Boutique.
What Are Your Favourite Designs From Coco Fields & What Shoes Are You Pairing Them With?
So my current favourite design is our Kaleidoscope Bodysuit, I’m planning to wear it to the Strawberry Fields festival this year, this design was actually made by our manufacturers in Vietnam, they are a family tailoring business and have over 20 years of experience in sewing so this outfit really is perfect! I would pair it with the Icon Pink Boots, it always looks so cute when your outfit is completely colour coordinated.
Where Does Your Design Inspiration Come From?
When I first started, I used to visit a lot of fabric shops, find fabrics and haberdashery and draw inspiration from the materials I could source as well as other festival designers. From that point, it’s evolved a lot and is super broad depending on what the vibe for my collection is. I've recently got into Pinterest again there are so many designers on there beyond just fashion which I can draw inspiration from. When I was in my sequin era I would always look at old runway shows and outfits for inspiration which was a lot of fun.  
Your 5 Go-To Tips To All Festival Goers:
“I love these questions, I’ve been going to festivals for 10 years now so I feel like I have it down to a fine art”
  1. Make sure you eat and drink enough food otherwise you end up so tired, especially at the three days festivals and it makes it impossible to enjoy it.
  2. Go with people you love and trust, the camping festivals can be intense so you need people there that are on your level and can support you when you need them. 
  3. Bring warm clothes for the night, I’ve made this mistake way too many times some festivals get down to 0 degrees at night. 
  4. Get at least 6 hours of sleep every night, and if you’re a bad sleeper make sure you bring earphones ect as sometimes the music (and people at your campsite) go on all night. 
  5. REMEMBER WHERE YOUR CAMPSITE IS! I’ve had friends that have been lost all night looking for the campsite, it can get really confusing at night after a day of partying. 

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