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About Us

We believe shoes should elevate your style and your mood. That’s why we design fun, fresh, and inspired footwear—to give you style for miles!

Our Shoe-losophy 

We believe shoes are the most expressive point of any look. Think about it: you can wear the same mini dress, but the minute you swap out your cute yellow mules for studded lace-up boots, your entire look changes. Are we right or are we totally right?

That’s why we founded Therapy Shoes in 2003. We wanted to bring the fun back to footwear by giving you #allthechoices. From poolside platforms to equestrian-inspired boots, our impressive collection allows you to explore your style through shoes. Even better? At accessible price points, every shopping sesh feels like therapy for your wallet and your feet (of course!).

A Spring In Your Step

We like to say our signature aesthetic is fun, fresh, and inspired. Evoking optimism, our shoes will carry you through the good and bad days. 

For us, details make all the difference. We play with modern toe shapes, unexpected colourways, and striking textures that make your heart skip a beat. And because we know the Therapy babe has places to go, our shoes are made with wearability and quality in mind.

We dream up our designs in our studio in Australia and launch fresh collections every season, so there’s always something to look forward to here!

We Walk The Talk 

Since day one, we have been dedicated to keeping our Therapy babes one (stylish) step ahead of everyone else.

Our mission is to bring you a shopping experience that checks all the boxes: fashion-forward designs, superior quality, and accessible price points.

Our vision is to create a planet-positive future for footwear. We have already begun our journey to sustainability with our Forest Standard Council-certified packaging. All of our shoeboxes and stuffing paper are made from recycled and recyclable materials, which are responsibly harvested from certified sustainable forests. Yep, that means we don’t do wasteful packaging!



Stockist Enquiries

For any retailers that would like to stock the Therapy range in store, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team via