The moment you’ve all been waiting for… Ella May Ding and Therapy Shoes brings you the latest most anticipated collection yet; oozing in major it-girl style, trendy colourways, edgy silhouettes and to-die-for accessories - this collection is a must-have in your wish list! Our team was lucky enough to catch up with the lovely Miss Ella May Ding to ask her all things designing her very own collection of shoes and handbags with Therapy. From the sketchpad to the incredible campaign shoot; you lucky fans will get an inside look at how your favourite new summer accessories came to be!

“When I was first approached by Therapy about designing my own line of shoes, I was ecstatic! I had always loved their shoes and I knew that I could bring my own unique style to the table. The first step in the process was coming up with a mood board and sketching out some ideas. I wanted my line to be fun and flirty, with a bit of edge and the ideas flooded to me immediately!”

First and foremost, let’s talk through each product brainstormed and idealised by Ella herself.

A satin lace-up sandal is honestly a must! Who doesn’t love a chunky sole, it’s so on trend and these colourways are so classic and have that cool factor both Therapy and I were loving! “As you guys know, I am constantly working on myself; mentally and physically and so I thought the naming of this particular shoe would be synonymous with who I am; striving to better; to elevate to the next level, and so are these shoes ;)”


As you guys would also know; Dom aka Domenica Calarco is Ella’s right-hand woman and ultimate bestie off the show; MAFS Season 9! Where Ella goes, Dom goes and so forth. From travelling the world together, and meeting amazing artists and celebrities, it’s no wonder these two gals lean on each other for all things boys, style and more! Ella tells us how this style was heavily influenced by Dom; as “she really is the one who introduced me to this particular platform heel style that I adore” and now we’ve redesigned and developed a new platform high heel in honour of her bestie also!

Iconic to Melbourne’s foodie scene; you all must have heard of Rustica Café. Located on a prime street of Melbourne’s best; Chapel Street, South Yarra and nestled between all the high-fashion boutiques and small businesses surrounding this go-to spot! Being one of Ella’s favourite go-to restaurants; this name came to mind almost immediately when choosing the name of this stunning high-heeled loafer; we give you; Rustica.

This is a sentimental one for all you major MAFS fans! “I spent 4 months living in Sydney for MAFS Season 9” and of course to commemorate this period Ella decided to name these classic puffy slides where it all took place ‘SYD’ aka Sydney, Australia. Ella’s go-to shoes are slides and who could resist a platform?! “They’re definitely my kind of shoe! You can wear them with literally anything!” It’s giving loungewear, casual and cute and we all need a pair of slides to slip on this summertime and our bets are on SYD!

If you know, you know. Ella’s not only just your Australian television sensation; she’s also your spiritual gal pal who’s all for focusing on mental health; making time for breathwork, meditation and of course yoga. The key elements to building the life you want; and the key to feeling grounded as Ella regularly states on her socials. Incorporating this is so important and so, creating a line of shoes named ZEN was perfect for just that. These shoes are just perfect for when you are having a zen day.

The girl about town; meets MARTINI. She’s elevated, she’s structured to perfection and your gorgeous mini handbag to carry on your next night out. Inspired by Ella’s favourite drink order; “A dirty martini is my favourite cocktail with 3 cheeky olives (of course) Also the perfect date night drink to match a perfect date night handbag”

The sleekest of the lot; this handbag is majorly inspired by your European getaways, romantic summer evenings and of course Ella’s major love for Italy. “Italian for love, and always spreading the love” and of course, the way it sounds in Italian is just purely divine.

In search of an essential handbag; well, here we introduce to you Therapy’s first-ever bumbag – “SWEAT”, in collaboration with Ella May Ding. “Working out is such a big part of my life; I love staying fit and strong”. And this bag is perfect for just that. Being on the go, running errands and ticking things off your to-do list, this bag will stay close to your side for that and more! Focusing on comfort, reliability, and everyday wear – “This is totally my style bag”

Lastly, a must-have piece in every girl’s wardrobe; is a clutch. Ella absolutely ADORES her classic pieces and when designing this bag; the name “ANGEL” was what came to mind. “I see angel numbers every day, everywhere. I feel as though angels are always with me and protecting me, so when you wear this bag feel protected” Feel protected, feel fierce, and feel like that girl aka Ella May Ding when wearing this fabulous design. With its matching wrist strap, this clutch will be high on rotation for all your summer outings. And of course, giving that “sexy” off-duty look at the same time.

For all you crazed fans keen on keeping up with the latest and greatest; “all things Ella” Here’s what we got from our recent interview!

When designing this collection I wanted a balance of day-to-night accessories. I love a splash of vibrant colour with my outfits and being able to mix and match my looks for any occasion!”

Tell us your favourite fashion era?!
Ooo this is a hard one! But - my favourite fashion would be this current era; It’s so diverse (now more than ever) and I love the personalities expressed through fashion and accessories that you see online. It’s certainly a lot more freeing nowadays; seeing everyone wear what they want, showing off their personalities and expressing themselves unapologetically. It’s amazing really.

Where do you get all your style inspo from?
I got asked this the other day actually- I don’t really go to anyone in particular for styling inspiration! I love putting together my looks based on how I feel that day and I guess it’s what’s made me, me! My style is quite versatile; I could wear an activewear set one day; trousers and a casual tee the next; and mixing and matching with all my favourite handbags and accessories.

What is your favourite piece from the Therapy x Ella May Ding collection?
Omg! My favourite shoe from this collection would be ‘SYD’ this platform sandal is everything! And my of course my favourite handbag would be the fanny pack; ‘SWEAT’. They’re the perfect everyday pieces. You can style them together or separately. For the SYD platform, I’d probably do a cute mini dress or loose trousers with and matching vest or singlet. The SWEAT fanny pack could be styled with any outfit really! Activewear, streetwear or even loungewear. Personally, would probably pair this style with activewear and that’s why I named it SWEAT.

When designing the collection, what did you have in mind?

Okay so, I LOVE pops of colour when coordinating my looks! If you haven’t noticed already, I could be in all black with and a splash of bright vibrant shoes or accessories. I really wanted diversity with this collection as I feel that’s in tune with my type of style! I wanted a balance - for dressing up or dressing down; whether it was work wear, going out in the evening, or even for those casual days where you want to rock activewear. When choosing materials, I was extremely conscious of the types of fabric that would work well for both day-to-night looks and I’m so happy with the outcome of this collection!

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