Here at Therapy, we’re all about youthful, fun, fresh and bold looks. It goes without saying the influencers, stylists and models we work with are aligned with our vibes and we thought it fun to do a Q&A with one of the coolest stylists to watch out for - we introduce Tory Price. Styling our Therapy High Campaign Shoot and bringing in major "cool girl energy", what’s not to love in our latest campaign shots featuring bright vivid hues, bold colour blocking moments mixed in with avant-garde prints, all curated by our main gal. Get to know one of our favourite stylists today and read below for all things; @iamthetreasurehunter aka; Tory Price.
  Describe To Us Your Personal Style/Brands You Love To Wear?
My aesthetic would definitely be tropical holiday chic! I love colour and prints so much! Anything silk and flowy is absolutely my vibe. I am a very 'more is more' dresser and love to layer my clothes (think shirts over dresses etc) and I especially LOVE layering a load of necklaces and other jewellery to bring it all together! My fave brands are Therapy (of course), Iordanesspyridongogos, Romance Was Born and Emily Watson. I adore second-hand shopping and my go-tos for that are Goodbyes, Swop and Vintage Garage.
Your Top Styling Tips?
1. WEAR WHAT YOU WANT! This is my ultimate and number one tip for everyone
2. Have fun!
3. You don't have to like what everyone else likes!
4. It's ok to wear your fancy stuff all the time anywhere you like! - don't let things sit in your closet! 
Your Coolest Styling Gigs/Works To Date?
- Book Cover for AJ Clementine, an absolute angel.
- Drag Queen Wedding! So much pink and tulle and fun.

- Therapy High Campaign Shoot - Amazing team!!!!
Your top picks from the Therapy High Collection?
Icon Citrus, Icon Tangerine and Virtue Blue! x

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