You asked, we answered! Your Therapy self-wellness guide is here. Today, we’re talking all things podcasts, cool new playlists we’ve discovered, cute and cozy work-from-home outfits, and our personal favourite self-care gizmos and gadgets we’re certain will relieve some of your everyday life stresses.
1. Having Self-Care Days
Self-care days are just that; self-care. Listen to your body - if it needs the rest and reset, allow it to have that. Let yourself indulge in the foods your body is craving and don’t feel guilty. Put the phone down for the day and see what you can do for an entire day without your phone. If that’s too difficult set a time limit on your phone for how long you can be on specific apps like Instagram or TikTok (trust me* we find it very difficult as well) Enhance your self-care day/nights by lighting a new candle; one of your personal favourite or from Cleanse and Co. They come with the most stunning crystals that you can use to decorate your space once the wax has melted. Invest in a quality diffuser and add some calming essential oils from the highly recommended Essensoire store. An essential oil we use daily in the office is the;  Lavender Grapefruit Essense Blend ;)
2. Journalling
Journal. Just pick up a pen and a blank notebook and write down everything you’re feeling. Reflecting on your day-to-day life and future goals is an easy way to see where most of your time and energy is going and if this is something you want to address. This helps us when we’re feeling a little scatterbrain. Some journals we’re currently loving are the Five Minute Journals we’re seeing all over TikTok as well as the minimal notebooks with and without journal prompts from KikiK and The Daily Edited.
3. Try Out Meditation
Meditating. It sounds daunting but trust us; it’s a lifesaver. For beginners; we recommend downloading the Simple Habit or the Calm app. These apps have free trials so you don’t need to spend all your coin on the entire app itself. The beauty of these meditation apps is that there are prompts for almost any situation making them straightforward for any user to use. Say you’re starting a new job or had a stressful day at work - there will be 5, 10 or even 15-minute guided meditations you could do to help relieve your stress. There are also guided meditations for sleep (which we highly recommend) as you can lay down in the comfort of your own bed and practice the breathing techniques they will guide you through and eventually fall asleep to.
4. Look Good, Feel Good
This goes without saying; when you look good, you certainly feel good. This could be by simply having a shower, doing a full skincare routine and putting on a fresh new set of pyjamas or in our case purchasing the Skims Cosy Collection. Pair your loungewear with some of our favourites here at Therapy; Mimi boots and/or the infamous Bingley slippers (available in three colourways) Simple things; like doing your makeup, getting dressed for the day and making some effort in your appearance can go a long way. On the days you want a bit of extra “Therapy” in your step, try out our new Therapy High Collection.
5. Move Your Body
They say you should be getting 30 minutes of exercise a day and we couldn’t agree more. Putting on some activewear, going outside and getting your steps in is key for us. Trying new sports or activities could also be a great way to get in your exercise - pilates, swimming, hot yoga, group fitness classes or even home workouts available online. Whilst getting your rate up, we love listening to a good podcast or two. Our top three favourite podcasts we’re currently listening to; are The Girl Code Podcast by Madison and Kaitlyn, On Purpose by Jay Shetty and the Business Of Fashion. From all things; ex-lovers, friendship struggles, work-life balance and of course the latest fashion edits that will for sure keep you both entertained and informed whilst you’re getting your sweat on.


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