Ease your way into colour this season with all our tips and tricks to feeling like ‘that girl’ in all the bold, bright baddie colourways from the Therapy High Collection.  Wearing colour can be daunting, but with the help of our trusty Pinterest boards, celebrity style crushes and IG / Tiktok creators that we adore it’s made a whole lot easier.
See below some of our top creators the Therapy girl should derive some inspiration from:
First and foremost (and our team's personal favourites) are our ICON Boots. Because who doesn’t love a tall, knee-high stiletto boot that will make him regret his entire existence ;) No really, these boots dressed up or down will make you feel like Sasha Fierce herself! ie; The alter ego you didn’t know you had will manifest in these gorgeous booties and we’re totally here for it. Pair one of our colourful boots today (we’re feeling - Icon Grape) and a coloured dress of your choice - ours is this colourful galactic reminiscent body-con strapless dress topped off with some neutral and gold accessories, like Minnie Bone. Feel free to mix and match with other colourful dresses or matching sets and finalise with some softer/tonal accessories to ease your way into colour. Or if you're keen on trying something more daring we suggest colour blocking top, bottoms and shoes and don’t forget to tag us in all your fit pics.
Fit number two that we’re gravitating to right now? Virtue Black and Minnie Red - everything else comes after because it’s been a while since we’ve seen a good red and black moment. With our sky-high peep-toe platforms and our stunning newly launched Minnie red handbag - we’re sure you’re going to love this colour combination as well. With these pieces, our team would style with a printed top; like this Baroque-inspired halter neck and some high-waisted black flare jeans hugging your curves in all the right places. Can’t picture it? See the outfit inspo fit pic we put together below.
Finally a tonal outfit we love and adore for those gals who just want a pop of colour and nothing more. This is the easiest way into trying out colour combos for those wanting to take a dive into the colour wheel but don’t know where to start. Villain White - she’s classic, she’s tall and she’ll make you stride your way into the weekend like never before. We’re all for matching colourways and matching co-ord sets - some of our favourites you can shop are from our beloved brands; Meshki, Princess Polly, Glassons and Vrg Girl. Click on their ‘matching sets’ section and voile. Choose the pop of colour you’re currently eyeing like the trending electric blues or pastel pinks making a comeback via the Y2K era and pair with our chunky yet sleek platform heels to make your mark.

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