There's a new darling on the block and she goes by the name of Ella May Ding. You may have seen her recently on MAFS Australia 2022 or starring in Made in Chelsea UK. She's gorgeous, funny, relatable and has the bestie everyone wishes they had. Of course, that is; Domenica Calarco – Ella’s best friend and co-star on the show MAFS where it all began. The two have a hilarious, top of the charts podcast together called 'Sit with Us’ talking all things; dating, sneak peeks on exciting projects, their latest travel adventures and of course answering all the juicy questions their adoring fans have been dying to know, our team here at Therapy Shoes are OB-SESSED and cannot wait to share more with you.

Image: @ellamayding wearing Viva Black by Therapy Shoes (10th July 2022)

Our girl Ella has quickly become adored by fans far and wide! Notably, for her stunning signature black hair, amazing sense of style, her iconic 8-minute boiled eggs (if you know, you know ;) and her witty personality. Our Aries star was born April 7th, 1994 and was working in the beauty industry before getting cast onto MAFS Australia. Since the show aired, Ella’s following has skyrocketed with a multitude of projects launching soon! A sneak peek with Therapy Shoes x Ella May Ding coming real soon. Ella has also recently mentioned the launch of her new app on social media (details still to come) as well as a possibility in an up-and-coming meditation series voiced by Ella herself…

 Image: @ellamayding working out at @pulse8centre (11th September 2022)

If she wasn’t already amazing enough – here’s another reason why we love Ella and are SO excited to work with her as a creative. Ella shares a major passion for self-care, frequently highlighting this on her Instagram, sharing mindfulness quotes and sounds from TikTok utilising her platform to highlight the importance of mental health. With her religious workout routines at  Pulse 8, it’s no wonder why her physique is immaculate and her cult following agrees too! Ella’s no stranger to showcasing her lifestyle; what she eats in a day and sharing all her tips and tricks for staying fit and we cannot get enough.

@sitwithusthepod featuring @ellamayding and @domenica.calarco (28th May 2022)
Since blowing up on social media, Ella’s partnered up with quite a few cult brands such as; Loreal Paris, Equalation, Vush, Elite Eleven, Princess Polly, and Nude By Nature to name a few, and that’s just the beginning! Aside from her brand partnerships, Ella has also been working on her projects with the launching of her new app and new merchandise for ‘Sit with Us’ available now.

@ellamayding at Booby Tape launch with @domenica.calarco, @charliedmelio and @alessandraambrosio (8th August 2022)
What are you waiting for if you're not already following her on social media? She's one of the most followed MAFS stars for a reason. Run to your IG account and turn on post notifications because we have a little surprise coming your way... We can guarantee you'll be just as obsessed with her as we are. From attending the Logies 2022 decked out from head to toe in Oglia-Loro Coutoure, vacationing in Europe with her best friend for months on end and meeting A-List celebrities Alessandra Ambrosio and creators such as Charli D'Amelio herself; we can see why our rising star continues to glide on top of our FYP. On her Instagram, she gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into being a reality tv star as well as insights into her personal life. Whether it's the nitty gritty about being on television or sharing her genuine gratitude to her fans - it's a no-brainer as to why she's the talk of the town. We love that she's so open and honest - Making her even more relatable and adored by her huge following; which is currently sitting at just over 605K followers (no biggie) If you want to get to know Ella a bit better, go check out her socials and be sure to listen to her podcast with her best friend; Domenica Calarco 'Sit With Us. This podcast is nothing short of hilarious, juicy, a little bit scandalous and totally heartfelt!

 @ellamayding and @domenica.calarco for the Logies Award Show (19th June 2022)

There's no doubt that Ella May Ding is quickly taking over the social media world by storm and we a) can't get enough and b) are hanging on the edge of our seats to see what she does next! Our star-dome is not your average socialite Melbourne IT Girl; she's become widely admired for keeping things real and sharing her life with us on both TikTok and Instagram - we see a non-curated version of Ella; her lifestyle, her openness with mental health, her career since taking off from MAFS and so much more. Stay tuned for all things Ella May Ding...

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