What a year this week has been

And we’re back. Well not quite literally. We are still working from home, indulging in one too many baked oat recipes and binge-watching Netflix.
Ps. If you ever want to feel good about your cooking abilities, just watch Cooking with Paris (Iconic AF!).  
With the end of lockdown feeling forever away, it’s time to refresh the drab sweats and swap out the baggy tee for some elevated loungewear + remember what it was like to function as a normal human again. 

Behold: the Therapy Team’s 5 Must Haves for Lockdown. 

First up, the definition of cosy. Slippers, ofc!  
Lounging at home never looked so good. Check out the Brenda and Bingley, available in the best shades... And yes, they are just as comfy as they look!  They even fit the work from home brief: professional on top, comfort on the bottom.  
Perfect pyjamas. We are loving the Skims Cosy Range  There is just something so chic about looking this good to jump into bed.   
Lux Linen. You can’t beat the feeling of fresh linen. How cute is this Olive Duvet cover from Bed Threads.  
Sunscreen, always. Not to sound like a broken record because I am sure you have heard like a million people say this but just because we are inside, doesn’t mean you can skip out on the UV protection. Our go to ULTRA VIOLETTE Clean Screen SPF 30 
An overly extra water bottle. If like some, your body is now made up of at least 50% coffee and 50% wine- we highly recommend this. Hold yourself accountable and drink your 2 litres…seriously! Check this one out on Frugo.

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