What Are Some Of The Most Exciting Events / Gigs You’ve Created Floral Arrangements For?
The most exciting events for us are the ones we get to work on as a team. We all have a lot of fun together so when we can all pitch in a make something stunning it’s the best day. Recently we have been loving having weddings come back and being able to celebrate love! Some of our brides who have gotten married this year have been with us since 2019 so it's been so nice to work with them as their weddings have evolved and finally create their special days. Margie in particular has done some pretty amazing things (as you would imagine being the owner and creative director of Clover) including doing florals for the Queen when she visited New Zealand. Stunning English garden styles arrangements, with almost no limit, for someone so prestigious – you can’t go wrong!


What Are The Names Of All The Florals You Used To Create The Therapy High x Clover Bouquet? / How Would You Describe This Bouquet?
We love the bright colours and fun shapes of the Therapy High Collection and we wanted to emulate that in the bouquet. Our favourite bouquets use a mixture of seasonal flowers, native flowers and lush exotic blooms. We used some vibrant pink hakea francisiana, lilac stock (such a beautiful flower, such a bad name), peach chrysanthemum disbuds, lime erica, silver macrocarpa, blooming yellow wattle (we get so excited when this comes into season), hot pink mokara orchids, a few beautiful baby blue reflexed roses and a really special luminous peach phalaenopsis orchid. We love our flowers to look like a modern garden and think this one fits that perfectly!


Does The Team Play With A Wide Range Of Floral Designs, Shapes, and Colours? If So, What’s Something New Your Team Has Been Trialling With And Are Currently Loving?
Every design has a different shape and vibe depending on the client – we try to make everything custom to and guided by you! It means we always get to work with different flowers and colour combinations we never could have even dreamed of and makes every day interesting. We also try to change things up every season as new flowers start blooming and others finish for the year. We have recently updated the designs on our website ( which were all inspired by the yummy things that are blooming now. To be a bit biased our favourite designs are the always classic Ivory + Buff and the cheerful and whimsical Sunnier Days arrangements.


Describe All Clover Florists’ Favourite Florals & Personal Styles.
Margie – I love feminine, classic and timeless looks with an edge. With work I gravitate toward anything seasonal en-masse; my favourite few flowers are hydrangeas, sweet peas and magnolia blossom. This season the Extra black loafer with the gorgeous gold hardware feature had me.
Mel – My fave flower is the Coral Charm peony. I love how it changes colour as it opens and ages and once they arrive I know that summer is finally here! The Cole boots in Fern perfectly summed up my style – a classic style and shape but with a fun pop of colour (or print). I’m also a bag girl so love the Astra and Jupiter lemon we made flowers in!


Hilary – It's too hard for me to choose a favourite flower – I have so many and they constantly change with the seasons. I think the most constant is blue delphinium, sweet pea, hellebore and Australian natives flannel flower and hakea, but anything with a beautiful shape or curly stem will immediately become a fave. I’m a big fan of colour and prints and wearing clothes that make me happy – you’ll see me mixing prints or clashing colours just as frequently as you’ll see me in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt but always with a good pair of shoes. I love the Extra Loafers in Fern and Cole boots in Azure.

Michelle – I draw my inspiration from French/Parisienne women and their beautiful timeless wardrobes but I also love a boho vibe so the beautiful black Bonnie boots are perfect for both. I prefer flowers in feminine tones of pinks and purples in garden-style arrangements or en masse styling. I absolutely love violets and garden roses. They both have the most amazing scents and remind me why I love flowers every time they come into season.

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